svg export special characters

peterparker 3 years ago in Bugs updated 3 years ago 1


I want to create axis label with special (german) character and export it as svg

the Title of the axis should be "Länge [m]"

I tried:

plotModel.Axes.Add(new LinearAxis
                IsZoomEnabled = false,
                IsPanEnabled = false,
                Title = "Länge [m]",
                Position = AxisPosition.Bottom,
                MajorGridlineStyle = LineStyle.Solid,
                Minimum = auswertungX.Min,
                Maximum = auswertungX.Max

this will result in <text>L&#228;nge [m]</text>

with HTML syntax:

"Länge [m]"

it will result in <text>L&auml;nge [m]</text>

and with no special syntag:

"Länge [m]"

it will result in <text>L??nge [m]</text>

the first result looks korrect but the text was corrected by the form there is an auml; after the &