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Realtime plotting - coding examples

mike 5 lat temu w Documentation zaktualizowano 5 lat temu 2

I think it would be extremely useful to add several offical(by oxyplot experts) real-time high performance plotting examples to

It seems there is a high demand for such functionality and zero "official" examples.
There is a great confusion on how to do it correctly with all the performance issues in mind. 


Where is the example browser?

I've already looked here, but the link for the example browser doesn't work. 

I've also opened a solution in Visual Studio and I can't find the "ExampleBrowser" project in it, as the article would suggest.

What's the current state of these items?


how create event click in column of chart oxyplot?

Lucas Augusto 4 lat temu w Documentation Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez Ankit 1 rok temu 1
hello good afternoon , I am trying to create an event just click on the column and not knowing how to do.
Someone has a tip ?
I am making an android app using Xamarin . 

Thank you.


When will the documentation be updated?

freerk 2 lat temu w Documentation 0

I'm trying to understand the Controller while using Xamarin.Forms.OxyPlot because I want to add a Tapgesture, but there is 0 documentation abouth this which makes this impossible.


Vertical Line and Vertical Area (WPF XAML)

antonio.romeo 2 lat temu w Documentation zaktualizowano 2 lat temu 0

How to add or draw vertical line/vertical area in a PlotModel (WPF XAML)?


Export without Invalidating plot

Skokan 2 lat temu w Documentation 0

I want to Export a plot to png. The plot has dark background. I change the background for the export to white, but I do not want to show that change. Unfortunately during the export the plot is invalidated automatically and so the plot flashes white for a moment. Is there a way, how to change the background colour for the plot, but not the view itself?

I am developing WPF application and using the Oxyplot.Wpf library.


Reverse direction for magnitude axis

Alex_K 3 lat temu w Documentation 0


Please tell me how to change direction values for magnitudny axis (polar chart) outside the minimum center maximum.

Described in articles method of using the StartPosition and EndPosition is not working+(

<oxy:MagnitudeAxis StartPosition="1" EndPosition="0" Minimum="0" Maximum="90" />

Thanks in advance for the answer!


Disable Pan Gesture Xamarin for Scrolling

Grzegorz Bojarczuk 4 lat temu w Documentation Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez Sebastian Przygoda 2 lat temu 1

I am trying to disable Pan gesture in Oxy Plot View. I've set IsPanEbabled for both my axes to false. There is no movement of a plot but I cannot scroll also. I also tried to Clear all Gesture recognizers, but it doesn't help. Is there a way to be able to scroll the whole page while panning on the plot?


digital plot

Sandro Rizzo 4 lat temu w Documentation 0


I'd like to plot several series of digital signals waveforms.

I'd like to find some examples regarding this item.

Thanks in advance


Full source code of the browser example

Samuel Guedon 4 lat temu w Documentation zaktualizowano 4 lat temu 1
How can I get the full source code of each (or a selection) of examples from the browser page (here:

For instance, on the "Candles + Volume (combined volume), adjusting Y-axis" the Y-axis is auto adjusted when panning, but there is not a line of code in the code tab that does it.
Same for example that requires a mouse click, the piece of code that is call when the event is triggered (an also how the event is triggered) is not accessible.

This would massively help me as the examples are quite complete.