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Zoom not available on axis after switching visibility

Xavier Hahn vor 6 Jahren in Bugs aktualisiert von some.individuum vor 6 Jahren 3
I'm not quite sure if this is a bug or I have overlooked something, if it is a bug I'll create an issue in NuGet.

Basically, I'm trying to have a feature that allows the user to switch an axis between linear and logarithmic. As suggested by Oystein in gitter, I've created the 2 Axes (one log, one lin), set one to invisible and the other to true and put my series by default to the visible one. Then, when my user clicks on something, I set the visible one to invisible vice versa and switch my series to the visible one.

It works pretty well, but neither the zoom nor the pan on the linear axis is working. I'm wondering if there is something to set at the level of the PlotModel to tell him which axis should be panned & zoomed, but I can't find any option.

Here's my code that does the switch for reference (in a setter of a property, hence the "value"):
var logAxis = this.MyPlot.Axes.Single(x => x.Key == "LogAxis");  
var linAxis = this.MyPlot.Axes.Single(x => x.Key == "LinAxis");

linAxis.IsZoomEnabled = linAxis.IsPanEnabled = linAxis.IsAxisVisible = !value;
logAxis.IsZoomEnabled = logAxis.IsPanEnabled = logAxis.IsAxisVisible = value;

	s =>  
var series = s as XYAxisSeries; if (series != null) { if (value) { series.XAxisKey = "LogAxis"; } else { series.XAxisKey = "LinAxis"; } } });

I found a workaround by simply removing and adding the axes instead of switching their visibility. It seems works fine this way.
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This looks like a bug, can you add it on GitHub?
When an axis is not visible, it should not be possible to pan or zoom.
I have to same problem. But switching out the axis has a problem with showing the data in the right "frame" when changing the Y-axis on a heatmap. :/ I will post a Bug-report on github asap.