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Realtime plotting - coding examples

mike 6 years ago in Documentation updated 6 years ago 2

I think it would be extremely useful to add several offical(by oxyplot experts) real-time high performance plotting examples to http://resources.oxyplot.org/examplebrowser/

It seems there is a high demand for such functionality and zero "official" examples.
There is a great confusion on how to do it correctly with all the performance issues in mind. 

Under review
Good idea! I have added issue #342!
Thanks Oystein.

Well, maybe until there will be some proper example, someone could please help out? I'm trying to do something pretty basic for few days and failed.

I'm getting data at rate 100 Hz - every 5 seconds I want to scroll the graph and discard the 500 old points.
In other words, I want to show only 5 seconds worth of data at any given point and scroll the graph.
I tried several methods, increasing only the maximum and minimum of the x Axis, using translate/pan with X axis offset as shown somewhere here in the forum. Everything pretty much failed.
It looks like it works for few seconds and then the scrolling is lagging behind the plotting. This kind of scenario should be super simple... any help will be appreciated.