Adjust ColumnSeries.ColumnWidth / CategoryAxis.IntervalLength

Chris il y a 5 ans dans API 0


I'm using the current version of Oxyplot.Silverlight. By the way, thx for this great library!

I have a CategoryAxis with 2 stacked column series. They can contain very few items (<10) or a lot of items(>50). The Plotview/x-axis should cover the whole available drawing area, but if there are less than 10 items, the columns get stretched which looks very ugly. Counterwise, if there are more than 50 values, the items are way too thin, so the labels overlap. I already used rotated labels with an angle of 90°.

I did not found a way to force the column width to a specified value without shortening the x-axis too. I already tried ColumnSeries.ColumnWidth and CategoryAxis.IntervalLength, but they didn't work out as expected.

Am I missing something?

Thx in advance for your help.