Real-time graphs: LineSeries.Points.AddRange VS LineSeries.ItemsSource

Jeong-hun Sin 6 jaar geleden in API bijgewerkt door Nick Donais 6 jaar geleden 1
I am upgrading my static graphs application to real-time graphs. My data object (which I wrote, therefore I can change in any way necessary) exposes a property IList<DataPoint>. Now that it is a real-time data, new DataPoints will be appended to it continuously. If I think in WPF way, I think I should bind that property to LineSeries.ItemsSource and let it take care of updates (though I have to call InvalidatePlot()), right? But it seems calling AddRange() with only newly added DataPoints (though I have to separately create such a list each time just to pass it to AddRange) seems to be more efficient; am I correct?

Slightly off-topic but I could not really find a good example of real-time graph with latest version of OxyPlot. In order to implement real-time graphs, I have to periodically call AddRange(), move the visible range of the time axis, and call InvalidatePlot(); am I correct?

 If you could add such an example to the home page, that would be very helpful.
I've mainly just used Series.Points.Add or AddRange myself. Here's an example of it if you're interested: OxyPlotChartControl

Side note: any and all feedback on that example / tool is always welcome =D!