Can OxyPlot do a Strip Chart style plot?

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Can Oxyplot be used for a strip chart style plot?  Where you have a fixed x-axis (usually time) and adding new data points causes the plot to scroll to the left across the screen as more data points are added.

It is certainly possible to do so. After adding the new data points, you can do various things based on your requirement.

  • If you need to display only the t-n data points, you can actually purge the points earlier than (t-n) from the data source which will actually make the axis shift to the right and looks as if the chart/axis scrolled to the left (I do this to display live data).
  • If you need the old data to persist but just display t-n data points you can actually zoom the x-axis from t-n to t which will also make the axis shift to the right but the user can manually scroll to the left if needed (this is not possible in the above case as the older values are deleted) 

 Once the above things are done you need to invalidate the plotModel (to re-render the plot) 

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