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StringFormat of TimeSpanAxis

Beorne fa 2 mesos 0

Rotate title of a LinearAxis

Oystein Bjorke fa 6 anys updated by Che fa 6 mesos 2

How to Display All axes in positive number

Che fa 6 mesos 0

Drag points up or down in a line series

venky6189 fa 6 mesos 0

VERY bad performance of OxyPlot LineSeries with over 2M in one plot(WPF)

mike fa 3 anys en Bugs updated by Gowin fa 6 mesos 8

Poor Rendering Performance with LinearAxis and LineSeries with 72k DataPoints

loiti fa 7 mesos en API actualitzat fa 7 mesos 1

How do I display multiple series label for the shared axis?

John fa 4 anys updated by Richard DeVenezia fa 8 mesos 1

Bad UI response when the rendering points is too big

Gowin fa 10 mesos en Build actualitzat fa 9 mesos 1

1 Area Series with 2 Colors based on limit

Justin Liu fa 3 anys updated by fashr fa 9 mesos 1

How to Add XAxis of CandleStickSeries?

Song Jae Kwang fa 10 mesos 0

How to reset zoom

helpme fa 3 anys en New features updated by Gowin fa 10 mesos 1

Tracker vertical line thickness in WPF

Igors fa 11 mesos 0
Under review

Thread safety and RenderPoints

Nick Donais fa 6 anys updated by Joshua fa 1 any 6

negative axis step

Gsword fa 3 anys en New features updated by Peter fa 1 any 1

Circular heat map

Siedex fa 1 any en API 0

How to Implement a PointCloudSeries for Large, Static Point Cloud Data

Patrick Stalph fa 4 anys actualitzat fa 1 any 7

Is .net core supported, and what version?

ben1628 fa 1 any en Build 0

Scatter plot point color

Martin Ingold fa 2 anys 0