Oxyplot lineseries and linearaxis

Emrah Duatepe 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 1

Hi friends,

I want to do that,

lineseris1 and Y1 depends on each other.(Y1 is left axis)

lineseris2 and Y2 depends on each other.(Y2 is right axis)

When I keep to press the right click ,I am dragging the lineseries and
just changing left axis(lineseries1),I want it to move both axis(left
and right axis).


When the lineseries1 rescale according to receiving values,left axis must change .

When the lineseries2 rescale according to receiving values,right axis must change.

It is OK.
LinearAxis linearAxisY2 = new LinearAxis {
            Title = "Y2",
            Position = AxisPosition.Right,
            Key = "A"

lineSeries1.YAxisKey = linearAxisY2.Key;