CategoryAxis: How to programmatically pan with ColumnSeries question

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I have a PlotView (I'm using Xamarin.Forms) and show a ColumnSeries by using a LinearAxis on the left and a CategoryAxis on the bottom.

The ColumnSeries is displayed correctly. Is there a way to pan the column bars to the left programmatically via code behind (c#)?

Currently I have a fixed number of bars (12). When new data comes in I remove the index 0 from the columnSeries items and add the new one to the end of the list. If I Invalidate the plotView it looks like the bars got slided to the left with one new value added. But this looks very rough because the bars get shifted by 1 bar width.

I want to pan the bars to the left before I add the new value to get a smooth shifting look. Is there a way to do this by panning the
categoryAxis somehow in code behind?

Thanks! :-)


It should be possible to call the Pan method of the axis, then invalidate the PlotModel.



Note that you need to work in screen coordinates when doing this...