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Plotcontrol gone from PlotModel in latest version.

Maarten Thomassen 6 years ago in API updated 6 years ago 4
I've just updated my oxyplot nuget package (using silverlight) to version 2014.1.491.

I was using the PlotModel.PlotControl.ActualController.UnbindMouseWheel(); to unbind the mousewheel from oxyplot and assign aMouseWheel event to the control housing my oxyplot control. However, the PlotControl from PlotModel is gone now and i can't unbind the mousewheel from the plot which is now handeling the mousewheel and not passing it to the control housing the oxyplot control when i mousewheel over the oxyplot inside my own control thus not firing my custom OnMouseWheel event. I can't seem to find an alternative for this in the new version. Where did this functionality go?

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(sidenote: oxyplot has a tendancy to just remove or change stuff suddenly over versions. You should really consider not doing this).
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Sorry to hear that you encountered a breaking change. It is something we have to do from time to time to improve the architecture. 

I think the route you are using to get the plot controller should be changed. If you are using a viewmodel, your plot controller could also be included there!
I'm actually using this in a custom control for silverlight. I have a control with an oxyplot control located inside of it. I use it so i can add "PlotFunctionalities" to it. These are dependancyobjects which you can put in a list to specify application-specific functionality for my plotter (for example i have a functionality where i can select multiple ranges in the plot, and one where i can bind a list of floats to to display indicators, that last one parses the list i bind to and creates the propper annotations for the plot).

One of these functionalities also uses the mousewheel for zooming (i need to do some calculations when the plot is zoomed and thus cant use the build-in oxyplot zoom) and that is why i want to catch it.

I've currently reverted to version 305 since this was the last one i could find which didn't break my code.

What is the current way to reach the plot controller?
Is there any news on an alternative to stop oxyplot from catching the mousewheel events yet?