Example for touch in Win7?

Oystein Bjorke il y a 6 ans 0
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jhudson216 wrote at 2014-06-19 20:18:

Hi, all.

I've just obtained the OxyPlot.WPF package, which I'm trying to use in VS2010. I created the trivial application (just a PlotView in a Grid in a Window, with a bit of view-model code to load up a PlotModel, a couple of axes and a series). It displays quite nicely.

However, when I touch within the window (I have a touch-monitor), it immediate crashes with a NullReference Exception in PlotView.OnManipulationStarted. I'm assuming that I haven't wired up the manipulation features correctly, but I cannot find a demo for this. The "Code" button in the browser examples only show the function that builds the PlotModel. Where can I find a FULL example of a touch-enabled OxyPlot application?

Many thanks!

Jim Hudson