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ZoomRectangleManipulator updates all curves, but not all axes

M.R.Garaffa 5 ár síðan í Bugs Uppfært 5 ár síðan 2
I am running into an issue with ZoomRectangleManipulator, that might be related to GitHub issue 86 and 59.
I have multiple y-axes and a single x-axis. When I use the ZoomRectangleManipulator's methods, it correctly updates all of the LineSeries in the PlotModel. However, it does not update all of the y-axes. This is similar to what is described in the aforementioned issues, but I find it odd that it updates the Series contained in the axis without updating the axis itself. Please review if these are the same issue or if this is a different bug.

Thank you.
Under review
This sounds like a bug, please add it to the GitHub issues.
It could be related to #59, but that's a new feature, I think.