How to set two differents magnitudes for a Polar plot?

Oystein Bjorke 6 years ago 0
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ralphbernardes wrote at 2014-05-15 19:01:


I´m using OxyPlot in a project which requires a Polar plot with two different Magnitude Axis. I was able to make the plot update its series but when I updated the magnitude axis it only considers what was put last.
I mean, it looks that even though we can add as many axes we want through Plot.Axes.Add... it is not considering all the axes.
What I need is a way of having one magnitude axis for one set of series, then it would represent those values on the plot and then scale this axis setting the value of the Magnitude.Maximum value.

This would be necessary in case the data ploted is very small or very big, then I would have to resize the plot down or up in order to really examine the chart.

Any idea how it works or how it is done or even if this can be done?

Thanks again for this amazing tool!


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ralphbernardes wrote at 2014-05-15 20:50:

It worked!

My Polar Plot has four axes (two angle and two magnitude), the first measures three things so it has three series. The second also measures three values and has its three series.

I did as Oystein suggested here:
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did you try setting the Keyon the axes and the XAxisKey on the series? I think it is a bug if this does not work.
I gave a key to each one of my axes and for each series related I set the XAxisKey for the MagnitudeAxis and YAxisKey for AngleAxis.

Thanks a lot.