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lnaie wrote at 2014-02-16 12:53:


I've started to look into this because I need it asap. It doesn't seem to be there yet, only some pieces coming from Silverlight port, I guess.
Essentially I would like to get the PlotModel.TrackerChanged event fired, which right now is sitting there unused.

What would be the approach to implement trackers with Xamarin? Is there somewhere a simplified version of Silverlight tracker already implemented?


objo wrote at 2014-02-16 14:30:

great! the trackers in WPF and Silverlight are separate controls on top of the plot control. This makes it possible to show/hide the tracker without refreshing the plot control. The Windows forms project has a tracker implemented by a simple label, I would suggest a similar approach for the Xamarin ports. This should be implemented in the Plot controls (I think the iOS version currently does not have a custom plot control, but this should be fixed) and not by events.

lnaie wrote at 2014-02-17 22:35:

It sounds doable. :)

Will try to do it for Monotouch for now, where Plot control is most likely a UIView.


objo wrote at 2014-02-27 20:45:

I am very interested to see how this can be solved. Please see the updated iOS UIView implementation that I will check in soon.

I added this to

Please make a fork if you make some code that we can pull into the default branch!

objo wrote at 2014-02-27 22:35:

I have pushed my changes on iOS to default. Note that the PlotView control does not handle touch events yet, I am awaiting issue #9625 to be pulled in first. The Show/Hide tracker functionality in the PlotView is unchanged by #9625.