expose silverlight controls in xaml

Oystein Bjorke 6 years ago 0
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ChevyCP wrote at 2013-06-20 19:40:

Hi, I'm a big fan of binding and using as much xaml as possible. I do this when I use oxyplot in wpf, but can't in silverlight. What would need to be added to expose the same controls (axesm series, etc) in xaml? I know I just bind the model and create the model in c#, but its much easier (for me anyway) to have those controls exposed so I can adjust things (like annotation positions based on a slider value). Thanks

objo wrote at 2013-06-22 11:51:

It should be possible to implement the Silverlight axis and series wrappers almost identically to the WPF ones. But I would like to make a small tool to automate this code generation, doing it manually is too much work (and error-prone).
See also https://oxyplot.codeplex.com/workitem/9999 - I added Silverlight and Windows Store apps to the text.

ChevyCP wrote at 2013-06-24 15:16:

That would be excellent!