Get ScatterPoint from DataPoint

Христо Христов vor 5 Jahren in API 0

After registering the MouseDown event and applying an inverse transform on the ScreenPoint I get a DataPoint. Is there a way to get the ScatterPoint and not the DataPoint in the OnMouseDownEvent?

    public void Plot(GFPointContainer<CompoundPoint> strc) {

        var values = (Enum.GetValues(typeof(PointState)) as IEnumerable<PointState>).ToList();

        foreach (var item in strc) {

            ScatterPoint sp;
            structure[item.State].Points.Add(sp = new ScatterPoint(item.Position.X, item.Position.Y));


        PlotModel.MouseDown += PlotModel_MouseDown;

    private void PlotModel_MouseDown(object sender, OxyMouseDownEventArgs e) {
         //Inverse transform on e.Position returns data point