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Too many exporters

Thomas Ibel il y a 5 ans dans API mis à jour par Oystein Bjorke il y a 5 ans 1
I think there are too many exporters in OxyPlot.
Supporting many UI rendering technologies (including Xamarin) is great.
But I don't see the need to have so many exporters (and reporting) in OxyPlot.

From the plotting side I only need two exporters:
- Pixel based (PNG)
- Vector based (SVG)

Therefore I think the whole reporting is out of scope of OxyPlot (maybe a separate project/repository).

Also not needed:
- OpenXml
- Xps
À l'étude
I agree the OpenXml and Xps exporters could be removed.

I agree png and svg are the most important, but I think pdf should also be included.
Png exporters should be created for all the Xamarin platforms.
The svg and pdf exporters should be included in the portable core library.

I agree the reporting model can be moved to another repository. But I like the feature to be able to create a report where plots are exported in best possible format for the chosen output format (e.g. plots are included as pdf in a pdf report, or as svg in a html report).