Android - W/OpenGLRenderer(): Path too large to be rendered into a texture

Oystein Bjorke 6 лет назад 0
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benhysell wrote at 2014-07-13 20:29:

I'm not sure what I'm seeing here, thought I would ask and see if anyone else is seeing this.

Xamarin.Android column series, I setup a value axis with the following parameters:
var valueAxis = new LinearAxis { Position = AxisPosition.Left, MinimumPadding = 0, MaximumPadding = 0.06, Minimum = 260, Maximum = 265 };
The plot does not draw, and I get this in the debug output window:
07-13 14:24:50.911 W/OpenGLRenderer( 3926): Path too large to be rendered into a texture
Oddly, if I back down the Minimum to 100, graph draws fine, but when I do a two finger zoom in the graph fails to draw and the output window starts outputting "Path too large..." errors.

I'm a bit stumped on what is going on here or what I might do to correct it, thoughts?


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