Show Tooltip for Rectangle Bar Item

Vince il y a 6 ans 0
Hi Everyone,

I am using Oxyplot to create a real time plotting graph using rectanglebarseries. Oxyplot is great library and having so much functionalities. Thanks for such a wonderful control.

Can anyone please guide me on how to add tooltip for each RectangleBarItem. I understand that this can be done only through RectangleAnnotation by hooking the mouse click events. I used the following code to reach to the datapoint of the clicked location, but not sure how to proceed from there and get the clicked rectangleBarItem and show the tooltip when the mouse is hovered over that object.
            OxyPlot.TrackerHitResult result = series.GetNearestPoint(e.Position, true);            if (result != null) && result.DataPoint != null)
DataPoint dataPoint = result.DataPoint;
Any help highly appreciated.