How to change distance between position tiers axes

Samuel Guedon 5 jaar geleden in API 0
Hi all,

I have a CandleStickandSerie plot using a category axes as X axis. I use it in order to show a time axis that will erase gaps when the financial markets are closed.

As my step in between major ticks are non linear (it can be monthly, meaning 30 or 31 ticks, not to mention february) i use 2 axes : one for the tick (a simple ' ) and one for the label.

I would like to know how I can move the axes so the distance in between my two tiers is not so wide, and mostly how to "stick" my tick category to the actual axis (= the border of the plot area)?

Thanks in advance.

I think I will put my code later as I think some were interested by such a behavior (deleting gaps for financial series when markets are closed).