Adding OxyImage in model

Oystein Bjorke 6 years ago 0
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BlindMonk wrote at 2013-07-24 14:17:

I want to add a bitmap image to the plot. I have a bitmapimage, which I made from a matrix. I want to know how to add this image to oxyplot? I made scatterseries , but it got too slow.

I made a plotmodel, i am not able to add oxyimage to plotmodel.

I looked at this. But I could not get rendercontext of the model.

I made OxyImage and added to model using image annotation:
                model.Annotations.Add(new ImageAnnotation
                    ImageSource = image,
                    X = new PlotLength(.5, PlotLengthUnit.RelativeToPlotArea),
                    Y = new PlotLength(.5, PlotLengthUnit.RelativeToPlotArea),
                    Width = new PlotLength(.5, PlotLengthUnit.RelativeToViewport),
                    Height = new PlotLength(.5, PlotLengthUnit.RelativeToViewport),
                    Opacity = 1,
                    Interpolate = false,

I see the image, but it doesnt zoom or move.

This bitmap is an rgb image created from bytearray.

any input is deeply appreciated.

thanks a lot

BlindMonk wrote at 2013-07-25 16:13:

well, this part is fine. i will post another issue that i am facing. thanks