Program is freezing when using Heatmap in a Windows Store app

Otto Meinzel 5 років тому в Bugs оновлений 5 років тому 1
I tried to use the Heatmap for an Windows store app, but its freezing the whole application. I tried the OxyPlot.Windows example browser and it turned out the basic Heatmap example is showing the same problem. I'am using Windows 8.1 and OxyPlot for Windows Apps Version 2015.1.893.0

I debugged the source code and it turned out that it's freezing when the ConvertToRandomAccessStream method of the OxyPlot.Windows.RenderContext class is called. The WriteBytes call inside the task causes the freeze: var task = Task.Run(() => dw.WriteBytes(memoryStream.ToArray()));

As a quick workaround for myself I moved the WriteBytes out of the Task and everything is working fine. I don't understand why dw.WriteBytes is not working inside a thread.

Can anyone reproduce this problem?