Allow user to set axis min and max

Oystein Bjorke 6 years ago 0
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seveland12 wrote at 2012-05-02 19:09:

I want to allow the user of my program to manually set the min and max of each axis in a chart. In WPF Toolkit (thank you for enabling me to migrate my code away from that mess, by the way!), I implemented this behavior by popping up a limits-setting dialog when the user double-clicked the x or y axis - is there any way to do something similar in Oxyplot? I tried hooking into the MouseDown event of my LinearAxis objects, but that didn't work. I want to avoid having separate controls that aren't either part of or activated by user interaction with the chart. 

objo wrote at 2012-05-03 15:55:

The mouse events are not yet implemented for the axes, but will do it soon (should not be difficult, only implement the HitTest method).