oxyplot for windows phone8.1 universal app

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I am developing windows universal app for windows phone 8.1 and windows 8.1 in visual studio 2013. Can i use OxyPlot for my charting requirements.

where i can download the samples for windows phone 8.1 charting. i am unable to install it form nuget manager.
The nuget package for universal apps is:

Samples can be found in the repo:

I think there are no windows phone samples, but you should see how it works.

Thanks for reply.
i have made samples for windows phone and stuck at a place. How can i add more series over plotted chart. i am using "series.add" but chart not showing any update in plotted chart.

please guide.

You have to call InvalidatePlot() on the PlotModel when you are finished with changes.

Hi, does anyone managed to install WP8 library? I can not install the OxyPlot library for widnows. Can aynone help me?

Actually, I cannot add the following line in my project because of missing libraries.