Zoom and Scroll in PlotArea

Oystein Bjorke hace 6 años 0
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Firefox360x wrote at 2013-11-05 10:27:

I people. I have a question about zooming and scrolling. My scroll function doesn't work perfectly, but close enough. Instead of the Maximum value i want to change the ActualMaximum, but that one was protected.
        plotBSITotalA.Model.Axes[0].Maximum = hScrollBarA.Value + (plotBSITotalA.Model.Axes[0].ActualMaximum - plotBSITotalA.Model.Axes[0].ActualMinimum);
        plotBSITotalA.Model.Axes[0].Minimum = hScrollBarA.Value;
Ok, here comes the real problem: When i have zoomed in or out, the scroll function doesn't work anymore in that specific plot Area, where has been zoomed. Other plotArea's where isn't zoomed, will work perfectly.

Does somebody know, how I can scroll when I zoomed in??