Multiple Contour Series Exception

Oystein Bjorke 6 years ago 0
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itvieira wrote at 2013-05-31 16:45:

Thanks for the your great work in providing this fantastic tool. I have started using this library to create same matlab style Contour plots and found two problems that I hope to help finding a solution. I'm using version 2013.1.46.1 (Nuget OxyPlot.Wpf_NoPCL) and Visual Studio 2012 targeting .NET 4.0.

1 - the WPF control crashes the application when using multiple contour series in the same plot, if one of the series has IsVisible = False. Basically, the invisible series still handles the mouse events and throws a System.NullReferenceException at the line 2 of ContourSeries.GetNearestPoint() method. Is there a way to disable mouse event handling for a invisible series?, I've tried both Selectable and IsSelected properties without success.

2 - The ModelPlot Axes do no reset after Series.Clear(), even though the axes min/max values have never been set previously. This is not a big deal as one can force the Axes to Reset but would be a nice to have feature.

Many thanks,


objo wrote at 2013-06-08 11:15:

1 - thanks for the bug report, I have added an example (ExampleLibrary - Closed issues - Invisible contour series) and fixed the bug
2 - no collections in this library are observable, I did this to keep it simple and stupid, so you need to call the reset methods if you want the axes to go back to default ranges. I think this should be the desired behaviour.

itvieira wrote at 2013-06-08 17:09:

Many thanks for the fix and design explanation, I have no problem with the manual reset of the axes.

I just started using this library and must say that I'm very impress with your cross UI design, great work!

I'm looking forward to contribute to this library's development in the future.