I want to extend the boxplot item with a new constructor to create a bpi based on a list of values, not the calculated boxplot stats

Mischa Vreeburg 5 years ago in New features 0

When using the boxplot series as it is currently, one needs to first calculate the quartiles, the median and the whisker values of the series.

I believe this can be improved by creating a new constructor which takes the original list of datapoints and then calculates the box and whisker boundaries.

This will make the boxplot series more inline with the other series, where the user needs to supply the original values and not the derived statistics.

To give the user more control over the upper and lower whiskers, I'll include an enum with the 5 most common whiskers and make the calculations accordingly:

The 5 different whisker settings being:

IQR: interquartile range : Q3+1.5 * IQR | Q1 - 1.5* IQR

MinMax: Minimum and maximum of datapoints

NinthPercentile: The whiskers are the ninth and ninety first percentile of the dataseries

secondPercentile: The whiskers are the second and ninety eightpercentile of the dataseries

StDev: standard deviation: mean of series + standard deviation / mean of series - standard deviation.