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OxyPlot: AngleAxis labels rotation in Polar Plots

Julio Márquez 6 years ago in API updated by Grzegorz Bojarczuk 4 years ago 4
When an AngleAxis is created, the associated labels are rotated depending on the axes angles. Is it possible to choose a different angle rotation for those labels, for example, make them horizontal (no rotation)?

Answered: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/25696201/oxyplot-angleaxis-labels-rotation-in-polar-plots
Under review
I think the Angle property is currently not being used by the AngleAxis. See issue #137. I will add some comments on how to implement it!
I did that, SamOxyPlot, but it doesn't work. When I set Angle to a value different from zero the MagniteAxes gets rotated. I thought that I was doing something wrong but I changed the Angle property in the Polar Plot demo in Oxyplot repository, and I got the same result: the MagniteAxes got rotated and nothing happens to AngleAxis.