How to keep up? Best practice of restoring Oxyplot Nuget packages through visual studio

Oystein Bjorke 6 years ago 0
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David_NET wrote at 2013-12-10 10:49:

The Oxyplot Nuget is constantly being upgraded. I started learning a few weeks ago and it already has gone through a few updates. I started with only the binary references, but my old installed OxyPlot source codes keep becoming out-of-date. Now, I decided no longer to use Nuget but try to keep the latest Source codes. Furthermore, I have to keep deleting the references to the old binaries as the Nuget restoring to the new versions is often not reliable and I have to delete the references to the old version by deleting it from the project file so I can install the latest version from Nuget. And then I search the net, it seems that restoring from Nuget is a common topic and could be a problem for a rapidly developed library.

Anyone has similar issues keeping up?

For beginners of Oxyplot. It is an easy to use library. However, once you have tried a few cases, you realize there are so much more possibilities. It may be possible to hack out what you want brute force (if you are lucky), but doing it according to the design as it is intended will involve many months of serious studying the codes and how to do that in the best practice may even needs a separate and several threads of discussions.

3D and 4D plots - future?
3D also means 2D plus Time animation.
Anyone tries regularly combining oxyplot and helix3dtoolkit to get 3D or 4D? Anyone has plan to create a different codeplex project to do that. Please share so we can keep up with the evolution started here.

objo wrote at 2013-12-12 21:38:

Let me know if there is anything wrong with the NuGet packages, it should be possible to use the update packages functionality to keep up to date.
If you want to keep source files updated, use Mercurial pull & sync.

It could be an idea to create stable and alpha/beta channels, but I have not looked into how to set this up yet

Documentation is on its way (including getting started sections), but contributions are needed here - it's a lot of work...

Sorry, there are no plans for 3D or 4D in this library. Must try to keep it simple.
There is a basic demo at, but I agree it would be interesting to see a more advanced project for these kinds of plots!