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Wiggle plot

Mordechai Butrashvily 6 years ago in New features updated 6 years ago 2
Hi all,

I'd like to ask if there is an existing option to create a wiggle plot with Oxy?
For example, a seismic record, where positive amplitudes are filled (untill y=0) and negative amplitudes just continue as a simple solid line.

Example link: http://reproducibility.org/wiki.new/images/3/3c/Wi...
You may ignore the rendering data vertically (although such an option is also kind).

Under review
It would be very cool with a SEG-Y demo!
I don't think this is a general series, the wiggle lines should probably be implemented as a custom series.
Input data is offsets (double[]), time (double[]) and amplitudes (double[,]), right?
True :).

We can start by having the simplest form, which is a single amplitude-time series (centered about zero).
Then, extending to support multiple series (offsets indeed) would be a great bonus.

Any hints and I'm going straight to work on this :).