aligning plots on separate panes (w/ shared axis)

Jonathan Shore 5 years ago in API 0
I wanted to understand the best way to align a series of PlotViews where an X or Y axis may be shared. Is the best approach to:
  1. getting the sizing right:
    • create additional PlotViews with same dimension along axis to be aligned with
    • fix the size of PlotModel.PlotMargins on all of the views so that differences in values on the axis do not cause misalignment?
  2. getting the axes min/max synchronized
    • assume cannot reuse the same axis object on different panes due to PlotView specific state? Hence must adjust Minimum and Maximum via events
Given the (potential) need to fix the margin sizes, is there a public property / method to interrogate an axis to determine its desired dimensions for some range? And if so, does this need to be done post rendering (i.e. on an event after initial render)?