OxyPlot LineSeries Tracker Property DataPoint

some.individuum hace 5 años actualizado hace 4 años 2
After the IDataPoint Interface was removed, I face the following problem:

I have a List of DataPoints, rendered as a LineSeries. I was working on converting these datapoints to a custom format to add my own property that should be calculated just-in-time (if possible) or beforehand if not.
As the IDataPoint Interface is missing I can not have a function on my CustomDataPoint to calculate the difference to a certain value as I intended to build:

(With TrackerString = "....{difference}")

MyDataPoint : IDataPoint
public string difference
return (certainDataValue-X)

As DataPoint is a struct I can not expand it to add this calculation. Do you know of any way that I can achieve this without implementing my own tracker feature?

Thanks alot!


This is something that I have run into as well. Is there a solution?


sorry. no solution. I implemented a custom tracker feature that calculates the screen position of the mouse to the actual x,y value on the graph and does the calculation from a previously set reference point.

Good luck!