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LineAnnotation - Set Default Style

José Carvalho 5 years ago updated by Oystein Bjorke 5 years ago 2

I tried to set a default style for "LineAnnotation" class, so that all plot in my solution would have the same "Color" and "LineStyle", but when i start the application it gives me an error. I Have for other classes and it works perfectly, like for instance "PointAnnotation".

Library Include:


Code Sample:

<Style TargetType="oxy:LineAnnotation">

<Setter Property="LineStyle" Value="Dash"/>

<Setter Property="Color" Value="Red"/>



'Set property 'System.Windows.Setter.Property' threw an exception.'

Thanks in advance

Under review

Thanks for the bug report. I have created https://github.com/oxyplot/oxyplot/issues/645 and assigned to myself. There is an easy fix, I think.

I have created a PR, can hopefully merge soon