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MarkerType.Circle problem

Gabriele Marchi 6 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 4
Hi, thank you very much for this amazing library!!
I have a problem and can't find a solution:
this is the result i'm tring to reach : 

the problem is:
if i set the markerType as circle i can't see any marker:

if i set the markerType as any other possibilities it work but adding to my chart a black rectangle around the chart:

This is my PlotModel:

public class OxyPlotModel


/// <summary>

/// Gets or sets the plot model that is shown in the demo apps.

/// </summary>

/// <value>My model.</value>

public PlotModel MyModel { get; set; }

/// <summary>

/// Initializes a new instance of the <see cref="OxyPlotSample.MyClass"/> class.

/// </summary>

public OxyPlotModel ()


var plotModel = new PlotModel {LegendSymbolLength = 30, PlotType = PlotType.Cartesian};

var xaxis = new DateTimeAxis{

Position = AxisPosition.Bottom,

TickStyle = TickStyle.None,

AxislineStyle = LineStyle.Solid,

AxislineColor = OxyPlot.OxyColor.FromRgb(153,153,153),

StringFormat = (CultureInfo.CurrentCulture.DateTimeFormat.GetAbbreviatedMonthName(1)) + "d HH",

IntervalType = DateTimeIntervalType.Hours

//FirstDateTime = new System.DateTime(2014,10,1)

//new System.DateTime(2014,10,1),

//new System.DateTime(2014,10,10),



var yaxis = new LinearAxis {

Position = AxisPosition.Left,

Minimum = 0.001f,

Maximum = 3,

MajorGridlineStyle = LineStyle.Solid,

TickStyle = TickStyle.None,

IntervalLength = 50


plotModel.Axes.Add (xaxis);

plotModel.Axes.Add (yaxis);

var series1 = new LineSeries {

Color = OxyPlot.OxyColor.FromRgb(44,169,173),

StrokeThickness = 1,

MarkerType = MarkerType.Circle,

MarkerStroke = OxyColors.Blue,

MarkerFill = OxyColors.SkyBlue,

//MarkerStrokeThickness = 5,

MarkerSize = 2,



TrackerFormatString="Date: {2:d HH}&#x0a;Value: {4}"


series1.Points.Add (new DataPoint (0.1, 0.7));

series1.Points.Add (new DataPoint (0.6, 0.9));

series1.Points.Add (new DataPoint (1.0, 0.85));

series1.Points.Add (new DataPoint (1.4, 0.95));

series1.Points.Add (new DataPoint (1.8, 1.2));

series1.Points.Add (new DataPoint (2.2, 1.7));

series1.Points.Add (new DataPoint (2.6, 1.7));

series1.Points.Add (new DataPoint (3.0, 0.7));

plotModel.Series.Add (series1);

this.MyModel = plotModel;


I can't understand why this happens and how get around it.
Do somebody know what the problem could be?

Thank you! (sorry for my terrible english^^)
Under review
What platform are you targetting?
Try setting PlotAreaBorderThickness = new OxyThickness(0) to get rid of the border around the plot.
I have added your example under "Discussion examples" in the example library. For WPF it seems to work fine!
thank you for the quick aswer!
I'm using the Xamarin.Ios Nuget Package.
This morning i have updated xamarin at the last version and this solved the circle problem!
Now i can see the circle markers and the rect around the chart appeared too, so i used PlotAreaBorderThickness = new OxyThickness(0) getting rid of it! 
So guys if someone has the same problem, updating xamarine.ios solve that!

Thank you very much for the help!!
hi again^^,
I think i found a possible bug:
For the purpose of reach the illustreted result, i override the timeAxis class in particular:

protected override string FormatValueOverride (double x)

in which i put in the string:

fmt = fmt.Replace("M",""+ CultureInfo.CurrentCulture.DateTimeFormat.GetAbbreviatedMonthName (time.Month).ToUpper()+"");

It work but it changes some letter of the month name in others letter/numbers like:
OcA <- (should be Oct)   5a14 <- (Mar) 3eb <- Feb   etc..
Other are ok like Sep Jan Jun Jul etc

Someone can suggest me a solution? 
Thank you

Recent changes on the iOS implementation should also improve the alignment of the marker circles.